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Color Timelines in “Breaking Bad”

As an office that loves Breaking Bad (and of course analyzing color), this timeline of wardrobe colors throughout the hit series is amazing. TDYLF’s John LaRue took the time to go through every episode of the show to document each of the characters wardrobe colors. While these timelines of color are not only pretty to look at they show an interesting progression of each character throughout the show, shown through color. Walter White for example, shows an interesting progression of bright and vibrant colors at the beginning of season 1 to very dark earth tones at the end of season 2, getting darker as Walter White becomes more heartless (ending with Jane’s death).

This article gives a detailed explanation of each of these characters and what their wardrobe selection means, something many of us would have never noticed before. We are excited to see what the final season has in store and I know I will now be paying much closer attention to each character’s wardrobe. I am predicting some pretty dark colors for most of the characters in this final season (aside from Marie, of course).


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