Meet Bryce

Bryce Lynn

Junior Developer

Bryce is passionate about the digital realm. His relationship with computers and electronics all his life led him to his deep interest in how our actions and interactions in the digital world translate to our real lives. Having completed his Bachelor’s Degree at Drake University in Des Moines, he decided it was time to trade corn fields for mountains and make the leap to Colorado. He is now applying his passion for the digital realm to his work with AOR as a Junior Developer. He is always looking for new and exciting ways to represent the truest and most creative parts of people. In fact, his own mindset lies somewhere between a Virgil Abloh runway show and a Beeple short film.

When he’s not behind his keyboard, he loves to fill his time with activities like hiking, checking out local art galleries, or reading a book in a hammock at the park. He is a big believer in being your 100% authentic self and always greeting others with an open mind and a warm spirit.

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Theme Song Still Tippin - Mike Jones
Doppelgänger Yung Gravy
Favorite Smell The air before it rains