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Meet Leah

Leah Metz

Senior Copywriter

As a mover, writer, and avid reader, it’s no surprise Leah’s favorite part of her job is that goosebump-moment when words not only say the right thing, but sound good together. For her, writing (and life) is all about cadence.

A native of Minnesota, Leah has been working with words since 2009 — but has been putting pen to paper in the form of journaling and (mostly) terrible poetry since the age of seven. She has two B.A. degrees in Advertising and Spanish, an accidental minor in Visual Communications, and a self-appointed certification in filling awkward silences with strange anecdotes.

When not laughing at her own jokes, Leah can be found holding her body sideways practicing aerial arts, hanging out with her dogs Ruby and Jasper, propagating plants, and staying up way too late.

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