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Your Goal-Setting Blog Entry of 2013, With a Twist!

During our year-end staff meeting we were discussing “goals.” I threw out the idea of everyone sharing their goals for 2013. Surprisingly, everyone loved the idea. After all, goal setting can become such a tired, rote exercise if you don’t introduce something different to the mix. I’ve sat through enough “end-of-year” and “start-of-year” meetings where everyone discusses broad, lofty goals with nary any hope of action or completion. This year’s going to be different. At AOR, you can’t just throw out goals, hope no one hears you, and go back to doing whatever it is you do. It’s one thing to set a goal for yourself. It’s quite another to share those goals with your colleagues. For 2013, the AOR team has endeavored to share three goals with their colleagues and achieve them by the end of the year. Will they all be met? Only time will tell. But the spirit of the project is to reinforce a company-wide ethic of accountability and camaraderie.

It’s a pretty simple idea.

  • Submit your three measurable goals for 2013. Professional or personal
  • Share your goals with your colleagues at the beginning of the year and briefly explain why they’re important
  • Track everyone’s progress each quarter during staff meetings
Now, if you think that I will be sharing everyone’s goals in this blog, you are sorely mistaken, my friend. However, I will only volunteer this. I loved the variety of everyone’s goals. Some goals centered around philanthropy and volunteerism while others focused on continuing education in certain programming languages. The beauty is that everyone’s goals are there to see and encourage. We all have different interests and motivations that have influenced our goals in 2013. And who better to share these goals with than the people you spend 40+ hours/week with?
I wish all my colleagues the best, but I would be remiss not to include the caveat: Time will tell.

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