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Why Agency Culture Attracts Creative Minds

When most young people think about what they want to do for the rest of their lives, they rarely have the answers. A likely explanation is that young millennials want to make as much money as possible doing as little as possible. Inevitably, we come to terms with reality and our first instinct is to say, “well I definitely don’t want to work in a cubicle doing the same thing every day.”

Naturally, those with a high sense of self-worth and social tendencies think about how they want to make an impact in the world and collaborate with other bright individuals. They may start searching for something that isn’t monotonous, and gives them the opportunity to influence the world around them, all while having a bit of fun.

The answer to that question for myself and many other overwhelmed and ambitious young adults is agency life. Here are the five selling points that got me excited to work at AOR.


No Two Weeks are the Same

Agencies work with multiple clients from various industries who are in different stages of a company lifecycle, each dealing with distinct problems. I expected a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment with unique clients that would give me new experiences and keep me on my toes.


Learning Environment

Your co-workers have been where you are and want to help you learn. The skills you learn working at an agency, both technical and social, will be valuable throughout your career.


Career Paths are Anything but Limited

Working on a variety of projects teaches you to enjoy what you are passionate about. There are constant networking opportunities with people from every sector of the business world. So if you want to make a career change, there is a good chance you know someone who could help you get there.


Opportunity to Make an Impact

You get the chance to work with companies that shape the way our society functions and has a role in driving the future. You will also create tangible deliverables that you can add to your portfolio.


Agency Culture

Many agencies promote a healthy work/life balance. Agency leadership establishes a strong vision and brand for the agency and motivates each team member to branch out into new and unknown areas and instill confidence through celebrating individual and team wins.

Ultimately the vibrant personalities in the advertising industry make the culture what it is and when they are united under that common brand and vision, it creates a support system and inspires better work.

Agency happy hours, parties, a stocked beer fridge, and other team building efforts make for a more cohesive staff and encourages a more social and collaborative environment where you know you can count on the people around you when you need to ask for help.


Creative Minds

I have always held the value that what you do with your life never comes close to comparing to who you spend it with. Human relationships have always been a higher priority for me than monetary success and working with kind, intelligent, and social people make the hours in a day much more enjoyable.

Not being confined to one specific role or one specific brand fosters growth and as a freshly graduated marketer, learning opportunities and personal growth are at the top of my interests when considering careers. I couldn’t be more excited about beginning a career in the marketing industry and I cannot think of a better place to kick it off than at AOR.

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