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Best Super Bowl Ads of 2014

As much as I didn’t want to bring up this year’s Superbowl, I figured we should at least chat about the commercials. Overall I think this year’s super bowl commercials were pretty underwhelming, especially compared to last year’s ads. Being that I was pretty indecisive and could barely even remember any of the commercials, I decided to enlist my coworkers to help me rank the top  five ads. To be fair, I only gave them 5 commercials to choose from (five of the most talked about commercials) and had them rank them 1 through 5 – 1 being their favorite, 5 being their least favorite and give me their reactions. Here’s what we came up with:

Five: Chrysler with Bob Dylan

I disdain this spot. There’s nothing more un-authentic than Bob Dylan telling me “We will build your car.”

Four: Radioshack 80’s

I enjoyed the self-deprecating humor in this, and appreciate Radio Shack’s efforts to become more relevant. Reminiscent of Avis’s most famous campaign—consistently beaten by Hertz, they took pride in their number two slot and proclaimed “We try harder.”

Three: Tmobile with Tim Tebow

Eh, who cares? I zoned out after 10 seconds.

Two: Wonderful Pistachios with Stephen Colbert

Clever humor with notable celeb. Surprising head crack at the end actually made me laugh out loud. It won’t make me buy pistachios though.

One: Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”

I mean come on-Cute puppies and beer are two of everyones favorite things. What can beat that? I also like that it told a story with a happy ending since theSuper Bowl did not for have one for Denver.


Other favorites:

Beats with Ellen

I probably remember/liked this one the most.

Squarespace “A Better Web”

I really liked the SquareSpace ad and couldn’t agree more with its premise.


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