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Best Super Bowl Ads of 2013

| Branding Strategy

Super Bowl 2013 was memorable in many ways – a game that went down to the wire, a Destiny Child’s reunion, a power outage and of course, some entertaining commercials. Here are my top 6 (only because I couldn’t narrow it down to 5).

Number Five: Just weird. But I like it. Also, that goat’s scream will stick with you.

The Other Number Five: A feel good, restoring-faith-in-humanity kind of commercial.

Number Four: Well shot, well done spin on the Audi brand.

Number Three: Amazing photography paired with Paul Harvey’s speech. I think you either like this one or took little notice but I liked it a lot.

Number Two: I don’t care which side wins, this commercial had a creative delivery and was very memorable.

Number One: Hands down my favorite. And yes, I cried.

What were your favorite commercials this year?

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