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Connecting with Clients Over the Holidays

| AOR Agency News

With the holiday season upon us everyone has been busy planning get-togethers with family, holiday parities with friends, and making sure to lock down some killer deals over Black Friday. But, what about connecting with your clients and customers over the holidays? The holidays offer a great opportunity to connect with clients and customers whether it’s through a creative holiday card or video, a small gift, or a holiday party this is a great way to promote your business and make sure you are on your client’s mind when the New Year rolls around.

While AOR has a tradition of sending out creative holiday gifts each year, many agencies are known for their extravagant holiday cards and videos. Adweek does a post each year featuring some of the best and worst agency holiday cards, take a look at some of last years funniest, strangest, and most heartwarming holiday cards and videos to get some inspiration for your business!

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