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Form Follows Function: Art in Web Design

| Web Design

Web design is a highly versatile medium. Most of the sites we all visit every day are fairly plain, text-based ways of conveying information. Whether it’s or facebook, com, sites are generally designed to at least partially resemble printed documents, with boxes and grids delineating information into parseable chunks.

But there’s a lot more you can do with web design. Some publishers are exploring new ways of presenting multimedia content. You may be interested to check out New York Time’s “Snow Fall” to see how videos can be fluidly integrated into a reading experience.

But web design can go even further, eschewing any content at all. Enter “Form Follows Function“, a “collection of interactive experiences.” This site sheds the pretext of websites needing practical information, and simply aims to show off the power of these new technological advancements in web design, collectively known as HTML5.

AOR is positioned to start using some of these heavily interactive techniques in websites. If you’re interested in something unconventional and entirely cutting-edge, let us know!

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