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How Chipotle is Revolutionizing Marketing

For those of you who haven’t, watch Chipotle’s recently released 3-1/2 minute video ad – “The Scarecrow”. Created by Moonbot Studios, the video is an animated short promoting sustainable farming. Yes, it’s extremely well done. Yes, it’s very memorable. But there’s more to this video than the beautiful animations and thoughtful metaphors. This video could possibly be the beginning of the future of marketing.

Chipotle’s tactics in the video are clear; to make people aware of the processed food industry and the effect it has on the world. You don’t see the Chipotle logo plastered all over the video nor do you really see any indication of what it is advertising until the very end – when a quick little ad comes up for their free downloadable interactive game. So what’s in it for Chipotle and what are they trying to achieve with this strategy?

Chipotle is using what is called “Cause Marketing.” They are attracting attention to the cause rather than themselves. Cause Marketing can be quickly ineffective if the cause doesn’t align with the company and their values but in this case, Chipotle has positioned themselves extremely well to not only bring attention to the cause, but also benefit from that attention.

So take a look at the video and let us know what you think – just another well done viral video or the start of a new wave of marketing?

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