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Intelligent Wayfinding

The clever folks over at breakfastny are showing us yet another glimpse of the future with their newest toy: Points, an intelligent wayfinding solution billed as “the most advanced directional sign on earth”. The sign changes position, updates its menu options according to the time of day, and even streams data from different social media networks. The signs can also to direct you to top-rated eateries and watering holes in your area, point out interesting sights or transportation hubs, and even keep you informed with the latest news headlines. While I can’t see it being used to replace everyday street signs, as most people can access the information it provides via smartphones and other handhelds, the signage systems could be very useful in efficiently directing attendees to happenings at private sponsored events, sports venues, and music festivals. Check it out in the video below:

Point menu

User selects changing menu options on the Points control panel.

What do you think of points as a wayfinding solution? On target, or missing the mark?

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