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Life & Times of Frick & Frack: Volume 2

Now that you know a little bit about Elena and I (Frick & Frack), I thought I would share with you an exciting trip we took to Phoenix. While the account team travels to Phoenix on a regular basis to visit our client, Avnet, this was no ordinary trip… let me set the stage.

This all began with a fun campaign we were running for a storage launch party for HP. For this campaign we sent partners a “party in a box”, these 6′ long boxes included all of the party supplies you would need to host your own product launch party, including, noise makers, T-shirts, bubbly (nonalcoholic unfortunately), champaign flutes, confetti and raffle giveaways.

After packing all of these up and shipping them out to about 20 partners it was decided Elena and I would be delivering the remaining 4 boxes to Avnet in Phoenix. So, we booked our plane tickets and were ready for a fun trip! Until.. we realized we had to lug four, 6′, 50lb. boxes through the Denver airport, then the Phoenix airport and then to our destination.

With some help from the wonderful Phoenix airport staff, quite a few strange looks from airport visitors and some girly strength we finally got these giant boxes into our rental car (the largest rental car they had) and were in the clear. So we thought… until a sudden stop made a box fly through the car, almost decapitating poor Elena.

Despite our eventful trip to get to Arizona the event went off without a hitch and not a thing was broken along the way. Take a look at some of the photos of the final event! Everything was worth it in the end and the trip home was boring in comparison and of course the office loved hearing the stories of our struggles… only Frick & Frack.


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