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The Next Big Thing: Interactive Video

With the recent rise of video marketing online, companies are figuring out creative ways they can use video to tell their story and develop their brand. Whether it is to inform or to entertain, videos are pulling customers in.

But how can you take video marketing one step further? How can you engage your customers through video?

Introducing, interactive video.

Interactive videos are an easy, effective way to engage customers online. Rather than creating a video that the customer would simply sit and watch, interactive videos present the viewer with a “Choose your Own Adventure” type experience. The viewer is in the driving seat. Throughout the video they are given different options on what route to take and what they want to see. This not only presents a more engaging, targeted experience for the viewer but it also gives the company a lot of information about the viewer and their interests without having to fill out complicated forms.

Interactive videos have been proven to increase click-throughs, lengthen customer engagement, and create higher value viewers.

Here are a few examples to show how interactive video can be used in a clever way to engage the viewer:

Deloitte Recruitment Campaign

Maybelline “A Beauty Adventure”

Interested in an interactive video for your company, contact us and let us help!

Alyssa has a passion for thoughtful website design and development, and an abnormal love for data. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to marry beautiful interfaces with sharp strategies.

Alyssa has 5+ years experience with traditional and digital design. She holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design with a Business Entrepreneurship certificate from the University of Iowa.

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