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Agency Off Record

Release The Kraken!

I love seeing a new interpretation of a commonplace item. When the new interpretation is fun, funky, and well-designed, I just can’t help but smile.

Take the toilet plunger. An unsavory, yet wholly necessary, part of every household, it often resides hidden behind the toilet tank or stuck in a dusty corner of the garage until needed.

Well, designer Art Lebedev has imagined a plunger you can display proudly—if, like me, you’re a little weird. His “Oktopus” plunger is shaped like a delicately curling octopus tentacle (complete with stylized suckers). The long plastic grip is pliable yet tough enough to handle the leverage necessary to do the job. I’d suggest it may even do double duty by keeping nosy/thirsty pets away from an open commode, if stored as shown in the photo.

Sadly, the product has not hit shelves as of yet.


via (where else?) Laughing Squid

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