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Is Social Media Right for Me?

“Is social media right for me?” This question is probably the most frequently asked question AOR has received in the recent past from our clients. It’s obviously not black and white, no matter the size, industry, or culture of a brand, getting “social” can be a big undertaking.

This summer we’ve seen a couple big beverage brands roll out social campaigns with huge success. Take a look at what Coca-Cola and Bud Light have done to get personal with their consumers.

Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke Campaign:

Bud Light’s The Whatever USA Campaign:

Now, we know not every client is consumer facing and it isn’t always natural to social share, but there are some helpful tips that can be learned from these two big dogs!

1. Get Conceptual–Social media campaigns are more than just a quarterly schedule of topics to post about. Strive to create an over arching concept for a campaign and then spread knowledge and personality. #ShareACoke & #UpForWhatever are great examples!

2. Create Engagement–Rather than pushing information on your social audience, try to create information that your consumers will want to interact with. Coca-Cola asked users to promote their product with their friends but phrased it in such a way that their customers got excited about. Check out #ShareACoke #SelfieSweeps

3. Be Active–It’s important to be involved and active in your social community. Have conversations with your consumers and make sure you actively respond to their comments and activity. Bud Light has done a great job interacting with their loyal consumers on social media consistently sharing #UpForWhatever engagement.

A social media campaign isn’t something that’s “one-size fits all”. AOR will make sure your social media plan is tailored and personalized just for you!


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