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Be a (First) Follower

We’ve been taught our whole lives the merit of being a leader, but Sivers has an intriguing point here when he gives the credit of risk to the first follower. After all, the first follower has the potential to not only be an only follower, but a failed leader as well. It’s an interesting realization that ideas become reality only through the power of multiple people supporting it, not by the potential of the idea alone. It makes you wonder what ideas have been put on the backburner simply because no one wanted to take that initial risk, and where companies would be if they hadn’t taken risks. Where would Apple be without Jonathan Ive, designer of the iPod and iPhone? HBO’s Game of Thrones, one of the most expensive TV show ever produced, wouldn’t be raking in the cash if producers and writers hadn’t been willing to take on such a complex narrative, either.

There’s a moral to this: take risks, especially when you have the ability to benefit off of someone else’s great idea.

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