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What’s the Best Super Bowl Ad Ever?

There are so many great Super Bowl ads to choose from that it makes it hard to pick just one. Of course, a few stand out for being incredible creative–most notably “The Force” ad from Volkswagon. Other ads, people weren’t quite sure what to side to fall on. And then there were those that were just plain terrible and awkward.

For non-football fans tuning in to watch the spectacle instead of the actual game, the advertisements serve up great water cooler fodder on Monday morning. Fans and non-fans alike can always debate the merits of the Super Bowl ads no matter what happens on the field. So where do you stand? Which Super Bowl ad was the greatest ever?

To jog your memory, a ton of media outlets are contributing their best ofs:



Huffington Post

Bleacher Report

Chicago Tribune

The list goes on and on…

On a semi-related note, I pity those people who still haven’t taken the plunge into Twitter. My sports watching experience consists of frequent glances at my Twitter stream to see updates of all types–comical, topical, irrelevant, irreverent. Twitter has been a blessing for games that don’t live up to the hype. No matter how great or crappy Sunday’s game is, I can lean on Twitter and read people funnier than myself contributing their thoughts on the action and the ads.


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