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Work in the Wild

The Mile High City has seen an explosion of growth in residents as well as small to large businesses over the last couple years. Here at AOR, we’re all proud to live and work in Denver. It’s our home. And that’s why, as AORians, we take pride in what we produce day after day. We push each other to think in new and unique ways to develop high-quality work for our clients so we can make our agency, and our city, proud ❤️.

For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our work “in the wild” around Denver. The AOR team creates projects that are often seen downtown on billboards, light-pole banners, light rails, and even vehicle wraps. But print is probably the most popular medium in which to see our work around town.

We design large-format graphics and content for print that capture consumers’ attention as they go about their day-to-day lives. From the moment you walk into the Great Hall at Denver International Airport, you’re presented with some of the amazing work of our creative team. Below are some of our most recent examples of “work in the wild”.

Denver Film Society

Since 2008, AOR has partnered with the Denver Film Society to produce unique branding for Film on the Rocks and the Denver Film Festival. The creative for the Denver Film Festival focuses on a whimsical design that features a woman venturing into an unknown world. AOR was tasked not only to build out rack cards, social graphics, and newsletter imagery, but also to design large-format graphics for the Denver Film Center window clings and street banners on light poles throughout the city.

DFF Collateral Downtown

City & County of Denver

We’ve been working with the City and County of Denver on projects such as election campaigns (get out and vote, folks!), electric-vehicle awareness campaigns, and talent acquisition campaigns. Much of the work we do for the City of Denver makes its way out into the wild on large billboards scattered throughout downtown Denver. The creative below focuses on encouraging individuals to “Be a part of the City that you love” and will run Fall 2018. Execution of this campaign has consisted of building out airport advertisements, print ads, and public transit advertising in addition to digital ads.

At AOR, we’re lucky to work with local clients in Colorado supporting brands and causes that we love. From client discovery sessions and creative brainstorms to large-format prints, we’re proud to work with our clients each and every day to produce high-quality work. Seeing our “work in the wild” creates excitement throughout the office and continues to remind us that we should take pride in the work we produce at AOR.

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