Brand Development

Establish a brand identity that stands the test of time.

What’s the one thing that most iconic brands have in common? For starters, it’s a completely original brand identity—that one thing that gives them an inexplicable cool factor.

And there’s no reason why you can’t have your share of that visual candy, too. At AOR, we put all hands on deck to uncover your core values, unique positioning, and the design opportunities to give your brand an edge.


We’ve partnered with many types of companies, from tech startups to municipalities, with the goal of reimagining their logo and brand. All have challenged us with the same difficult question: “How do we convey our purpose and personality in a visual way?”

Our answer to that question is singular for each brand, yet our approach always remains the same. We analyze, interpret, and energize to create a totally original look and feel.

Branding Strategy

Our brand development process begins with a deep dive into your strategic business goals and your vision for your brand. Then we scour survey results and scope out your competitors to uncover the sweet spot for your messaging, logo, and visuals. This holistic approach gives our designers and copywriters the ammunition they need to do what they do best.

Brand Assets

Your brand assets are the “intellectual goods” that tie back to your brand. These items may include your logo, color palette, typography, tagline, marketing templates, photography, brand guidelines, messaging platform, and more. Our design team can help you develop these assets, and deliver them to you in an easily downloadable package (like a bento box of awesome).

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