Agency Off Record
AOR’s video talents span a wide range of capabilities, allowing you to expand your brand message through a truly engaging medium. Our in-house team of designers and content specialists collaborate to provide the best video for your needs, which can be live action or motion graphics. AOR employs the best industry practices and equipment to deliver strategic, beautiful and top quality videos.

Motion Graphics

We work with many of our clients to develop highly engaging motion graphic videos that help represent your brand personality without the need for a live actor, cameras or videographers. Motion graphic videos are well suited for every type of business and are great for demos, tutorials and brand/product showcases.

Live Action

Often effective in communicating serious subjects; showcasing one-on-one interviews; and providing a peek into your company’s culture, live action video can provide an impact when you really need it. Think of us as your in-house video production company—we’ll handle everything from the video storyboarding and script writing to final production.

Post Production

AOR shines in video post production and editing. Our process typically involves taking the raw footage and tweaking the color and contrast quality as well as color grading. We edit the portion of the raw footage that needs to be used and work with you on additional graphic techniques and audio you may want in the video.

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