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Creative Director

Stories can change the world. And, Andrea is obsessed with creating stories that connect brands with their customers and their employees.


Andrea started her career as a graphic designer and a drug counselor, which turned out to be a great preparation for an ad career spanning 24 years. She spent most of that in Chicago and Milwaukee before moving to Colorado. As an integrated Creative Director, Director, Executive Producer, Creative Producer, and Strategist she has focused on industries such as healthcare, hospitality, financial, education, pharma, and agriculture for brands like as Chipotle, Verizon, Marriott, Northwestern Mutual, CNH, Colorado State University, Gilead, and LPL Financial. Passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion in advertising and film, she has worked with The 3% Movement, Greater Together, and other organizations, helping to drive strategy, direct content, and change the ratio in the advertising and media industries in front of and behind the camera.


  • Creative strategy
  • Parallel parking
  • Producing everything, including vacations

Favorite Things

Spicy margaritas, film, filming, family, horses, hiking, travel. Combining all of these into a vacation.

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