Direct Mail Campaign


KPA is a Colorado-based company specializing in regulatory compliance, risk control, asset protection, and people management for clients in the automotive, insurance, food and beverage, and manufacturing industries. KPA came to AOR to develop a lead generation campaign to assist the KPA sales team in expanding services to existing customers.


KPA is best known for its environmental health and safety product offerings, and the company wanted to look at expanding the services it already provides customers to include HR management tools and solutions as well as sales and finance compliance solutions.


AOR started this project by developing several creative concepts and engagement ideas for KPA to pick from. The winning concept, “Cover Your Assets” (or “CYA”), was a creative play on the well-known acronym but spoke to the comprehensive portfolio of services KPA can provide to clients to fully cover their “assets.”

KPA also wanted to include an attention-grabbing direct mail piece. AOR pitched the idea of sending a remote-control drone without the remote. After a meeting was scheduled, the customer would receive the remote for their new drone.


In addition to the direct mail piece, AOR also executed on the following campaign deliverables:

  • Campaign landing page
  • Campaign video
  • Looping mailer postcard
  • Email marketing

All tactics were flighted out based on when the KPA sales team was available to follow up with customers. All components were also tracked through KPA’s marketing automation software to ensure leads were followed and tracked throughout the campaign.

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