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PhysEmp: Email Marketing Campaign

PhysEmp Logo on field of branded blue

The Challenge

Make it Easier for Physicians to Find Jobs

PhysEmp is a job board for physicians that prides itself on high-quality job postings. After analyzing their most and least successful job postings, PhysEmp was able to identify key components that could mean the difference between a posting being successful and not. Now they needed a way to get that information to the users putting the job postings on their site.

Email 1 in Mail app and Email 2 on iPhone

Our Approach

Scorecards and Emails Raise Everyone’s Score

To educate users, AOR and PhysEmp worked together to create ‘scorecards’. The scorecard broke down the key components that led to a posting’s success, explained each one, and then gave them a score based on their previous postings. Not only were these a great educational tool for anyone, but they also helped current users pinpoint their exact weaknesses and address them immediately.

Along with the scorecards, we also created two email campaigns, one for current users of the site and one for prospective or lapsed users. In addition to highlighting the scorecards and educating on how best to use the site, the emails also elevated some of PhysEmp’s key differentiators and recent changes to set them apart from the competition.

Ad Usage Scorecard data on iMac
Several Emails from the campaign shown overlapping in Mail client
Various sections of scorecard and performance data shown on iPhones

The Outcome

Higher Quality Posts

Within just days of launching the campaign, PhysEmp started seeing an improvement in the overall quality of job postings across the site. New relationships were built and old ones were reinvigorated thanks to the campaign. Aside from clearly getting key information across, the emails also saw some great engagement numbers. The most gratifying result? Making it easier for physicians to find jobs after already working so hard to get to where they are.

Average open and click-through rates for campaign
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