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A Well-Seasoned Kitchen: SEO and Organic Social Media Marketing

Lee Clayton Roper has found inspiration from her mother Sally’s love of cooking and entertaining all her life. In fact, she held her first dinner party at the age of 16. After a successful career in the cable industry, Lee decided to share her passion by publishing her first book in November 2009.

A Well-Seasoned Kitchen was written with her mother and has since received numerous awards and critical acclaim. Following the release of A Well-Seasoned Kitchen, Lee created a brand to encompass her future publications, cooking classes, and speaking engagements. As a follow-up, she published her second book, Fresh Tastes, in 2015. The award-winning Fresh Tastes is a collection of more than 170 recipes with beautiful photography and fresh ingredients that create delicious and memorable meals.

The Challenge

As Lee continued to build A Well-Seasoned Kitchen’s brand and sell books, she recognized the importance of expanding her presence online. A Well-Seasoned Kitchen had a solid foundation with a developed brand and website, but there was a lot of room to grow, especially with respect to website traffic and social media reach. While traffic and reach are great for brand building, we also needed to make sure volume did not overshadow quality. The ultimate goal was still to sell cookbooks and create customers.

The Approach

The AOR team was already very acquainted with Lee’s brand since we created the website and helped publish her second book, Fresh Tastes. To start the process, we established clear digital goals that we could align with specific marketing tactics. Our goals consisted of two main marketing pillars: organic social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

Some of our measurable outcomes for organic social media included followers, reach, engagement, traffic, impressions, and popular content. For SEO, we chose to focus on overall users, organic traffic sessions, top landing pages, keyword changes, and page speed.

The Process

With the two overarching tactics in mind—social media and SEO—we have worked closely with Lee for more than a year to create strategic content, plan promotions, and make website edits. We’re there every step of the way to ensure our paid and organic efforts are aligned and producing positive results.

A key component of our marketing efforts has been agility. Social media channels and web standards are constantly changing. Having a close relationship with the client along with ongoing communication has allowed us to quickly adjust plans and optimize content.

Our marketing deliverables have included:

  • Organic social media schedule, posting, and monitoring
  • Web design updates and optimizations
  • Fixing site crawl errors such as redirect chains
  • Improving metadata like page titles and descriptions
  • Monthly reporting, analysis, and recommendations

The Results

By publishing, promoting, and optimizing content, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen has increased reach and traffic at tremendous rates. Looking at Q1 2017 compared to Q1 2018, website organic sessions are up 157.22%, social media sessions are up 96.83%, and page speed has decreased 16.26%.

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