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Agency Off Record

Google it.

We just finished up a branding document for the new Union Station – clearly outlining its brand, how to properly use its brand and, more specifically, logo on various marketing materials. We do this for our clients to make sure their brand is represented properly and preserved – and we really love doing it. So, we have branding on the brain and when I came across the attached article I was definitely intrigued. Google is concerned about its brand and the universal use of “google” as a verb – unless you actually used Google to Google. In a nutshell, they are asking that you not say you googled something if you used Bing or Yahoo etc. to research your latest query. It threatens their right to trademark “Google.” Remember that Escalator, Zipper, and Aspirin were originally all trademarked names. Now they have little value as a name or brand. I personally don’t think Google can turn the tide but I’ll enjoy watching them try.


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