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Our Process + Approach

How we do web

If our web team had a superpower, it would be a 360° laser-focused view. Specializing in custom designed and built WordPress websites, AOR creates an online experience that perfectly expresses your brand and attracts your ideal target audience. From research to information architecture, content strategy, design, usability, accessibility, scalability, SEO, technical performance and beyond, we make sure every aspect is executed to the highest quality, both at launch and as your business develops.

Our Web Design + Development Solutions

WordPress Website Development

Why buy ready-made when you can have it tailor-made? Our WordPress website development creates customized sites that are unique to your brand and scaled to fit your specific functionality needs.

Website Design

Look (and act) your best. Our website design focuses on providing all the best UI components of a website — visuals, layout, and content — in a way that expresses and elevates your brand online. We’ll even throw in some animations for some extra zhuzh.

Digital Strategy

Elevate your digital presence. Our digital strategy starts with an overall audit of how your brand appears online and then combines best practices in SEO, UX, and Accessibility to optimize your digital assets.

Campaign Landing Pages and Micro Sites

One page to rule them all. Our campaign landing pages & micro sites are the perfect one-page (or small collection of pages) way to announce product launches, events, or unique campaigns in a targeted, succinct way.

User Experience

Give the people what they want — and what they need. Our user experience solutions look at how your website connects with users in order to provide an intuitive and relevant experience as they interact with your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Be found online. Our search engine optimization solutions (you know, SEO) makes damn sure your target audience can find your website with the help of a strong strategy, whip-smart experts, the perfect use of relevant keywords, and a whole lot of data.

Website Maintenance & Optimizations

Forever fine-tune your way to success. Our website maintenance and optimization delivers a customized plan to fit your website and business goals, all with the focus of continuing to enhance your site’s user experience, performance, and keep it healthy and bug-free as time goes on.

User Testing

Real people for real results. Our user testing employs the help of actual humans (no robots here, folks) to test the UX/UI of a website in order to optimize the customer journey and drive conversions.

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