Redesigning the National Lacrosse League site to be polished, mobile-first, and fan-friendly.


National Lacrosse League


Launch the League to a
New Level

The National Lacrosse League is North America’s premier professional lacrosse league. Over the last few years, the league and the sport itself has grown rapidly, welcoming new fans and reigniting passions of old ones. As the league grew, their presence needed to grow along with it and AOR was challenged with creating websites for both the league and its teams that could match the evolution of the brand, and give fans what they were looking for.


Make it Fan-Friendly

To take fans’ online experience to the next level, we first had to find out what they were looking for. Before diving into any development, our team conducted primary research to learn how current and prospective fans wanted to interact with the league. The research and conversations gave us useful insight into pain points and inspired us to build the new site to be mobile-first and as user-friendly as possible.

When the research was done, we set out to create a WordPress multisite that would become a one-stop shop for all things lacrosse.

User experience was at the forefront of the development process along with a heavy emphasis on engagement. We created systematic and automated content functionality to seamlessly bring highlights and viewing options to the forefront during pre, mid, and post-game.

After tackling the tricky challenge of creating custom API integrations to display real-time player and game information, easy to use UI elements were added to provide users more control over their viewing and engagement with player data.


Bigger & Better

The resulting websites were the biggest digital project AOR has taken on to date. After creating the league site, 9 individual sites were developed for teams that also wanted to evolve their digital presence. The new and connected team sites are full of media and videos with everything from stats to ticketing to merch to betting at just one click away.

Beyond functionality, the new design system creates a clear connection between the team sites and the main league website, to reinforce the brand and create consistency while allowing each team to put their unique flair on their own sites.

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Increase in New Users


Increase in Sessions


Increase in organic traffic

We have focused on a mobile-first, video-rich strategy and aspire to be the leading sports league in an immersive site experience. It's more than just a strategy; it's a commitment to our fans to invest in technology and innovation to elevate their NLL experience. And this website is another key step in fulfilling that promise.
Nick Sakiewicz
Commissioner of the National Lacrosse League