Creating brands that work.

Our Process + Approach

Building brand identities that stand the test of time

Ever wondered why some brands just have that je ne sais quoi? The inexplicable factor that makes you connect and become a lifelong fan? The answer is a strong, strategic brand identity. And yours can have that, too. Whether you’re creating a new brand or evolving an existing one, AOR puts all hands on deck to uncover your resonating story, unique positioning, and perfected visuals that will give your brand the edge it needs to last.

Our Branding Solutions

Brand Audits

Dig deep to elevate your brand. Our brand audits strategically evaluate your position in the marketplace (internally, externally, and with customer experience), strengths and weaknesses, and overall look and feel to create an actionable plan for world domination.

Brand Strategy

Be more than your logo. (But get a killer one in the process.) Our brand strategy starts with an in-depth Discovery session focused on getting to know where your brand is, where you want it to go, and results with a brand platform to take you there.

Brand Positioning

Stand out. Be different. Our brand positioning services use research, strategy, and hands-on workshops to define the space your company owns in the mind of a customer and what you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Brand Platforms

Discover your brand’s true north. Our brand platforms use your brand strategy to establish a strong foundation for your organization’s identity, messaging and visual presentation, and serve as a framework for all your internal and external communications and operations.

Brand Architecture

Build your brand with a solid structure. Our brand architecture solutions create an integrated system for your company (and its subdivisions) that is easily recognized by your target audience and sets you up for scalable success.

Brand Product Naming

Be the answer to “what’s in a name?”. Our naming process combines wildly in-depth research on your industry, location, history, audience, and overall brand essence with a large dash of creative-magic, resulting in a name that not only sounds good, but makes sense.

Brand Guidelines

Be inspirational. Stay consistent. Our brand guidelines are a set of tools and rules that get to the heart, soul, and guts of your brand. From messaging to visual identity, this go-to road map will tell your story while communicating everything your brand is, and is not.

Brand Visual Identity

Show the world who you are. Our visual identity development is made up of everything from color palettes, icons, typography, to even the perfect logo. We deliver everything your company needs to properly express who your brand is at its core.

Brand Messaging

Tell a story people will love — yours. Our brand messaging helps you artfully communicate your brand’s unique value proposition and personality in a way that inspires and motivates your audience to form a meaningful relationship with your brand.

Brand Launch Planning

Build your army of ambassadors. Our external and internal brand launch planning will help you match your external value proposition to your internal culture so employees feel connected and empowered, and ultimately become your number one advocates.

Our Insights