Showcasing the many capabilities of a local art-based non-profit through an in-depth website redesign and development project.


Website Redesign

Award Winner

They Are More Than What They’re Known For

It can be a frustrating thing to get pigeonholed into just one service or aspect of who you are as an organization, especially when you have so much more to offer the community.

CherryArts came to us for this very reason — they needed to redesign and develop their website to better display the wide breadth of activities and educational programs they offer the community. You see, CherryArts is known mainly for organizing and displaying the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival (CCAF). People seldom realize that the festival is only part of what they do.


One Website, Made From Two

By combining CherryArts’ complex non-profit site ( with the stand-alone CCAF website, we were better able to amplify and clarify who CherryArts is and more easily accomplish the site’s overall business goals:

1. Overall Increase in Site Engagement and Visitation
2. Ease of User Experience and Information Intake
3. General Brand Awareness

But First, Who Are They?

In order to successfully combine the sites and highlight CherryArts’ wide variety of educational programs and event services, we needed to get to know them as an organization outside of the Arts Festival. For us, this always starts with a Discovery.

Through our conversations we:

• Uncovered website priorities
• Built a hierarchy to inform the new site map
• Ensured a better grasp of who they are and what they offer
• Developed a better understanding of their audience

And Who is Their Audience?

It was important for us to learn how CherryArts and the CCAF’s many audiences interact with the sites. Where were they clicking the most, what information were they searching for, and how easily were they navigating from one place to another?

Audience: Artists, Educators, Students, Donors, Festival Patrons, Volunteers, Potential Sponsors, etc.


Simplifying the Complex

After initial discussions and strategy, we moved on to the nitty gritty:
• Site Mapping
• Wireframing
• Module Development
• Page Design
• Development & Staging

We provided vision boards with colors, typography, design elements, and more to help guide them toward a new, elevated look and feel for the site.

One of the most difficult parts of the project was taking a website with a very complex navigation, and turning it into a site that was clean, lively, succinct, intuitive, modern, approachable, and of course, fun.

CherryArts-OldSites (1)
CherryArts-StyleTile (1)

Showing the World Who CherryArts Is

The new site came together beautifully. It truly is a perfect mixture of the CherryArts site and the Cherry Creek Arts Festival site — a better place for people looking to learn more about CherryArts and all they have to offer. The site was made live in June of 2023 after a speedy 4 months of development.


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