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Life & Times of Frick & Frack: Volume 1

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For those of you who don’t know, Katie and I have pretty colorful nicknames here at AOR. I being Frick and Katie being Frack. Just to give a little background, these nicknames stemmed from the wonderful Mr. Matthew Keeney, referring to Katie and I’s youthful, vibrant office demeanor. Oh, and of course the few blonde moments we both have every once in a while.

These nicknames have made appearances at the annual Cottonwood Institute cornhole tournament with team name Frick & Frack Attack, on the AOR soccer team, and in many of our client meetings. Matt accidentally referring to us by nickname, clients giving us funny looks, followed by a lengthy explanation of who and what he’s talking about.

Although odd, the nicknames fit well. Katie and I often get ourselves into funny situations where we find the rest of the office saying, “Ohhh…only Frick & Frack”. I thought we’d start a little series to bring you only the best and most entertaining moments from the working lives of Frick & Frack. Here’s a few images of what you can expect as we share these experiences with you.

Stay tuned for Volume 2.

At an AE conference in Chi Town.

Dot Hill Barista, the cardboard cut out was taller than both of us.

Larimer Square celebrates Fashion’s Night Out…Frick & Frack were bartending the event.


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