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June 2, 2020

This has been a heartbreaking week as hate, violence, racism, and divisiveness — although sadly not new — are erupting across the country and in our city.

The devastating murder of George Floyd has been the catalyst to open up discussions around years of racial inequalities and injustices in America. This week, we have done a lot of listening. As people with privilege, we can’t be silent and we must stand against systemic racism, hate, and violence.

We also acknowledge that, although we strive to be a welcoming and inclusive culture, we aren’t very diverse, we have inherent blindspots, and we have a lot to learn.

Over the past few months, we have been looking inward and focusing on creating a culture of true diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We’ve had a lot of conversations around unconscious bias, recruiting, and policies and practices that support a thriving culture for all.

Our commitment is to continue to listen, to learn, and to build a culture of universal respect.

Some of our current plans of action are around:

  • A comprehensive Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging strategy
  • Unconscious bias training
  • Unbiased job postings and job descriptions
  • Increasing diversity in our candidate pool
  • Strategies to hire diverse talent and help them thrive
  • Including a question on diversity into all creative briefs

We believe in living our values in our culture and through our actions, within our walls and in the world. Some of us have been championing social justice issues for years while others are being immersed into the discussion for the first time and struggling to find their voice. We know that, together, we can work toward positive change, in both justice and in peace. Let’s do it.

—The AOR Family

Danyel may be our Principal, but she wears so many other hats you’d be hard pressed to define her role on a business card. She ensures the success of the entire agency, in part by acting as the crux of the Creative Department. She also carries out the modest task of making the strategic and cultural decisions that propel the agency forward.

Danyel’s client-focused, entrepreneurial spirit has spanned almost twenty years. She started working on the client-side at AOR 10 years ago, and now focuses on innovation and business strategy. She studied Design at the University of Evansville and Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, as well as Interior Design at the Colorado Institute of Art.

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