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Video Production

Create beautiful video content that gets shared over and over again.

Video is one of the most relevant and accessible pieces of content you can bring to marketing campaigns. It’s a worthwhile investment that is instantly shareable on your social media platforms, website, and landing pages.

Whether you need a video to launch your product or to show customers how to use your service, we’re equipped to help you with the entire production process—from script writing and talent to motion graphics and publishing.

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Motion graphics are ideal for representing complex or intangible ideas, or for adding visual interest to a concept. We work with many of our clients to design engaging motion graphics without the need for a live actor, cameras, or videographers.

Live Action Video

Live action video uses actors and real people to promote products and services, showcase one-on-one interviews, reveal your company culture, or take a deep dive into certain topics. Live action video connects the product with the audience in a very human manner, allowing the viewer to identify with the message effortlessly.

Post Production

AOR brings your vision to life with sound editing, graphic creation, footage editing, and voice-over capabilities for a fully polished product.

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