A Message for College Students: Grasp Your Competitive Edge

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High school students to twenty somethings are now caught in the cross fire between the age of original marketing and the beckoning new era of the digital world. Many articles have started to surface preaching the benefits of learning the art of code and computer programming, but it is now undoubtedly morphing into a necessity.

The biggest regret of college students graduating today may be their lack of knowledge in this category, attempting to focus solely traditional business practice methods.  The reality of schools including coding in their curriculum next to math and science may become a reality sooner than we think, and this could put current graduates at a disadvantage down the road. Even having a general grasp on the vocabulary of computer programming could provide you a leg up in the professional world, where employers are expressing and increased desire for it.

Advice for college freshmen? Take those intimidating computer program classes. You don’t need to major in computer programming to understand the basic concepts behind it. At the very least, take the basic introduction level courses. You may be surprised at the value it will add to your resume and professional allure.  Having the ability to update and manipulate web pages and take care of quick fixes that once required a developer may have your boss singing.  The “niche” of digital marketing is now becoming the norm.  Intimidating? Sure. Novel? Not anymore!

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