Beautiful Bevs: Soda!

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If you’re into really delicious things you should try the Rocky Mountain Soda Co’s Prickly Pear. It’s amazing. While sippin’ down one of those the other day I got to thinking how cool it would have been to go on down to the soda fountain for an afternoon soda but alas, I was a few generations late. Thankfully, the natural soda industry is blowing up these days! And to compete with one another they’re creating awesome packaging. After doing a little research on all the soda bottles out there I compiled my favorites below. I might be biased but I still love the Rocky Mountain Soda packaging the best – it’s just so….rustic and natural. But JOIA’s got a good thing going too with their hand-drawn, simple graphics. Anyway, enjoy the eye candy!

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Soda Labeling and Logo Design Examples

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