Celebrity Endorsements gone wrong.


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Celebrity product endorsement is an accepted part of advertising these days. There are good ones of course (see: the always-incredible Betty White and Abe Vigoda and their Snickers spot) …and then there are bad ones: Mr. T and the FlavourWave Oven Turbo (whoop up a tasty meal!), Lisa Rinna and Depends, Ozzy Osbourne And I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and the entire Kathy Lee Gifford and Wal-Mart gaffe.

Image of Madonna in Louis Vuitton

The Material Girl herself, Madonna, shows off her love of Louis Vuitton. (Photo: Louis Vuitton)

The latest case of celebrity endorsement gone wrong isn’t because of a bad fit, it’s because of infidelity. Whether intentional or not, I am sure the soccer player Ronaldinho is having some remorse for drinking that can of Pepsi on national TV…$750,000 worth of remorse. (Read: The world’s most expensive Pepsi)

Celebrity endorsement isn’t a new thing. Check out this slideshow of some vintage celebrity endorsements.

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