Content Marketing Growing into Multi-Billion Dollar Industry


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The Drum recently reported that content marketing is expected to grow into a $50 billion market by 2021. You may ask yourself why this segment of the industry is growing, a large part of that is the consumer desire to not be sold to. This can be seen in the rapid growth in the use of ad block software. According to Page Fair 615 million devices now use ad block software and the use of the software grew 30% globally in 2016. With this shift in the way consumers choose to receive information online, it is more important than ever to use content to reach consumers.


So, what is content marketing? The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as: “A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”


Now, you’re probably wondering is it worth it? It absolutely is, it has been proven that content marketers drive higher conversion rates. The Content Marketing Institute also reported that while content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates three times as many leads. Content marketing is effective more than ever because of the need for consumers to research before they make a buying decision.  The more content you have on your product or solution available for their research, allows for them to make the decision in the comfort of their own home or office without even picking up the phone.


Content marketing is everywhere and you may have just not noticed it, here are some real-world examples by some recognizable brands.


Whole Foods

Whole Foods started using content marketing by offering recipes with ingredients found in their stores. The grocery store has now has moved into using their website to communicate more of the Whole Foods “lifestyle.” With stories, recipes and fun facts about favorite ingredients found at the store.

Whole Foods



Home Depot

Home Depot started a section on their website purely for DIY inspiration. The store obviously has a vested interest in their audience becoming excited to start home improvement projects and purchase all their supplies from the hardware store.

content marketing



Red Bull

Red Bull is one of the best examples of content marketing and they’ve utilized this type of marketing before it was even popular. Check out their YouTube channel to see prime examples of content marketing without the feeling of a sales pitch.

content marketing


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