Five Highlights from Content Marketing World 2016

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It’s been almost two weeks since we returned from Content Marketing World and we’ve already put to work some of the best tips we learned over the three days in Cleveland. Besides the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the beautiful downtown area here are the highlights from our experience.


  1. Go All in with Content Marketing or Do Nothing At All

Joe Pulizzi founder of the Content Marketing Institute explained that only 20% of content marketers are fully committed. However that 20% are the most successful and understand that mediocre content will hurt your brand more than nothing at all.

  1. 70% of Sales Decisions Are Made Without Any Contact from Your Company

This stat presented by Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion, further supports the need to fully commit. Including compelling content on your website, blog and social media channels helps the customer make the decision to buy your product or engage with you before you even meet them face to face. Marcus also shared that a 2013 study found there is an 80% conversion rate on sales after a customer reads 30 pages of your website.

  1. 347 Blogs are Published Per Second

When writing and publishing blog posts you should be looking for an actual opportunity to contribute or as Andrew Davis says, find the content gems. Davis is an acclaimed content marketing and keynote speaker and further explained that you shouldn’t publish just to publish, make sure you or your brand aren’t contributing to the information overload on the internet.

  1. When you tell stories other can’t resist, others tell stories about you.

Jay Acunzo’s “Unthinkable” presentation supplemented Davis’ presentation perfectly. He detailed that great marketers make their own best practices and make the leap to stop playing in the market and start shaping it. He encouraged all of us to find unique stories and write those, rather than continuing to react to trends.

  1. “When all is said and done, the business we’re all in is trust.”

We had heard a lot about Marcus Sheridan prior to attending #CMWorld and he certainly did not disappoint. We attended both of his sessions and walked away feeling inspired and empowered. In his second session he detailed that now is the time to go all in with digital, we can’t treat it like a beta test. He also impressed upon the importance of obsessing over video today so we’re ready for virtual reality tomorrow.


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Photo: #Keynoteink from the Laws of Creativity for Marketers by Allen Gannett from Kingmanink, check out all 20 live drawn summaries!

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