Four Ways to Spark Creativity


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Working in a creative environment like our office generally helps stoke the fires of inspiration but sometimes we need a little bit of a boost to produce our most creative work and concepts for clients. Here are some proven ways we tap into our creativity that you can use too.


We’ve found that some of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is to step outside, work from a different venue, take a walk and even look at art.


Step Outside

Being in the outdoors has been proven to reset your mind and allow for a different perspective which leads to a renewed sense of creativity.


Work in a Different Venue

Coffee shops have become notorious as an option for a work space for many telecommuters and those who work from home so it’s no wonder that it’s a great venue for creativity. This is further evidenced in a University of British Columbia study. The study held brainstorming experiments in three different noise environments. “Participants worked in near silent environments that registered about 50 decibels, loud environments at 85 decibels, and medium-noise environments at 70 decibels. The mid-range spot—about the noise level of a coffee shop—turned out to be just right when it came to doing creative work.”—Fast Company*



A Stanford Study found that the act of walking boosts creative inspiration, whether it’s done inside or out.* In a study co-authored by Marily Oppezzo, a Stanford graduate in educational psychology, and Daniel Swartz a professor at Stanford Graduate School  of Education, a person’s creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking.** The study also found that creative juices continued to flow even when a person sat back down shortly after a walk.



It has been proven that our brains are primed for enjoying art so whether it’s encountering some on a walk or in our case walking down the street to a gallery can really help your mind get a new perspective and a boost of new ideas of concepts. Visiting a museum is obviously a great way to view art and also can relieve mental fatigue and restore the ability to focus in the same way the outdoors can.***


AOR is fortunate enough to be located in the Golden Triangle neighborhood where beautiful galleries are complemented by world class museums. Come visit us to jump start your creativity!






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