Graphics at The Oscars


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As everyone knows, The Oscars were last Sunday and while most people were drooling over (or critiquing) the gowns and predicting which films and actors would win what, we were focused on something a bit different – The Oscars graphics of course! For those of you that watched at least a bit of the award show you may have noticed the amazing title sequences introducing each category. Each of these title sequences was created based off the film it was representing while still looking like a cohesive family of images.

Henry Hobson is the man responsible for all of these graphics and has been involved with the Oscars for seven years.

The Oscars is the celebration of film, but there’s also a degree in which we can celebrate and tell the story of the filmmakers’ journey through design.

We can only image the amount of time that went into these amazing graphics and can’t wait to see as other award shows begin to push their graphics in the coming years.

Check out this article for more info on Hobson and the graphics he created for The Oscars.

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