How an Agency Can Help With Your Social Media Marketing


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Social media has a 100% higher conversion rate than outbound marketing. So what does that mean for you? If your business isn’t taking serious steps to develop a social media marketing strategy or isn’t even active on social media, you’re missing out. We know with the stress of running your business, managing employees, and meeting with customers, can make it tough to find the time to devote to social media. That’s why it’s a great idea to hire a marketing agency–and the right marketing agency–to help. We’re going to show you some of the top benefits of working with a marketing agency on you social media.


1. They Have Effective Systems In Place

66% of marketers say that Facebook is their top social media marketing platform. But be honest: do you have both the skill and the time to figure out how to crack the Facebook code? Can you make updates every day, several times a day? Marketing agencies can. Why? Because they’ve been following Facebook and other social media platforms’ rise since the start. They also have systems in place to help you succeed across all platforms, not just one. You wouldn’t just go with one employee’s opinion when you’re crowdsourcing, right? So why do the same with your social media plan? Part of the strength of marketing agencies is that they provide you with access to not one, but several of the top minds in the social media industry. In turn, every choice they make for your company is influenced by several people with years of experience. Plus, they can effectively monitor, adjust, and test your platforms and their effectiveness. They do this several times a week, not just when they have the time every quarter.


2. They Save And Make You Money At The Same Time

You know the high costs associated with hiring a new employee. You also know the time you lose on training them and the hiring process itself. Plus, then there’s payroll taxes, health care, sick leave…you get it. Marketing agencies give you the skill sets of multiple employees, at a fraction of the cost. You’re hiring their services on a contract, which means no huge costs.

Plus, you’re saving money on software, ad space and even photography and other content costs.


3. They’re Up On Creating Effective Content

You know what makes your products and company great, but have you had problems with getting people to convert? It’s possible that you may not have the required writing skills, or that you may not be able to write persuasively. But, it’s more likely you’re lacking social media etiquette. This isn’t to say you’re rude. It just means you may not know what your target market finds annoying or what they gravitate towards. You may not know how to “pitch” to them through your writing, and you may not be contacting them on the right platforms. Marketing agencies with a focus in social media can help.


We’re here to help! Are you ready to boost your social media? Email to get started.


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