How to Improve Your Email Marketing


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A lot has changed since the first email was sent out in 1971, including the number of emails being sent and received. In fact, did you know that roughly 144 billion emails are sent out every day? Given the size of that figure, how do you make yours stand out? Email is the least inexpensive inbound marketing strategy that generates the greatest return on investment (ROI). Unlike other marketing tools such as social media, there is no limit on your audience.We’ll show you how to leverage this advantage as well as others and reap the benefits from email marketing.


1. Increase your open rate with the right headline

MailChimp reported that out of all major industries, open rates range on average between 17-28%. To get your open rate closer to 28%, use short and brief headlines. People have busy lives; they don’t have time to open (or even bother with) a long email headline. By long, we mean more than three to eight words. So, short and sweet is best.


To increase the personalization level, you can also insert the prospective client’s first and last name and/or the company he or she works for (or owns). If you have more space, it doesn’t hurt inserting their job position as well. On average, someone who works in office receives 121 emails per day. This number becomes significantly larger when that person is the CEO or president of the company. Since email tends to be an impersonal means of communication, increasing that personalization level will bring more attention to your email. Out of those 121+ emails, yours stands a higher chance of being opened than the other impersonal ones in your potential client’s inbox.


2. Make emails accessible

People with disabilities account for $225 billion of the consumer market. From an ethical and business standpoint, it’s necessary to incorporate accessibility into your email design and development. You can do this by ensuring you use <h1> and <h2> HTML heading tags and input the proper alt text for the images. Also, use the appropriate color contrasting to make the email easier for prospective clients who are color blind. This is especially important given that 10% of men and 1% of women are color blind.


3. Content counts

Like your headline, your content should be brief as well. In addition to the brevity, make sure you refrain from using market-y language. Words and phrases like “free,” “I can help you,” or “sale” need to be left out.

They once were useful and excellent terms, but, because of their frequency, have become overused and have saturated the marketing industry. To be safe, leave them out, as potential clients may be turned off by your email.


Only 4% of companies rate their email campaigns as “excellent.” That leaves 96% of companies unconfident and unsatisfied with their campaigns, most likely stemming from consistently poor results.


We can work with you to create an email marketing strategy that yields results. See our recent work here. And don’t hesitate to reach out

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