How to Integrate Videos Into Your Marketing

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Video marketing is becoming increasingly important for businesses, with research showing more and more people devoting their online time to watching videos. The numbers are exponentially increasing, but video can be time-consuming and expensive; what’s the best way to integrate a video strategy into your marketing budget?


Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are an excellent way to integrate a personal, believable feel into your brand. Testimonial videos can range from short and simple to thoroughly conceived and professional, with the primary goal being an authentic capture of your customers’ interactions with your business. For smaller budgets, consider promoting short, casual testimonials on social media channels with production that matches the tone of your business. Larger budgets can allow for a professional video, which can be shortened for social media purposes and used dually throughout all digital channels. A well-conceived and high-quality video can heighten the awareness and perception of your company, and testimonial videos will likely be relevant for years.


Educational Videos

Educational videos are hugely popular for their ability to easily translate visual and textual information to large and varied audiences. Tutorial and demonstration videos are commonly created using simple screen captures, clips of recorded webinars, or basic video and audio recording material, and therefore can be very economical choices. The goal of educational videos is to inform or teach in a concise and easy manner. Videos can be elevated using professional post-production editing techniques and voice-overs.


Brand Videos

Videos are commonly used to capture the history and tone of your brand. Brand videos help gain new dedicated customers, help customers decide where to spend their money, and can even be used internally to help establish a clear culture for your company that you want to support and promote. Brand videos can show the values and goals of your company either metaphorically or in a more straightforward manner, and can be leveraged through social media as well as on your website.


Animated Videos

When your video seeks to “show” rather than “tell” a problem, animated video can be a successful solution. Whether information is complex or abstract, difficult topics and far-fetched ideas may become simplified and more approachable to your audience with the use of animated videos. Animated videos can also be an affordable alternative to live action videos. With a plethora of live action footage available due to its ease of creation, animated videos can also cut through the noise in every digital channel.


Personalized Videos

During the purchasing phase or after gaining a customer, it can be beneficial to create an unscripted, authentic video offering to help them with their decision or thank them for their business. Videos can be incredibly casual and short—recorded with a computer’s camera—and might leave a lasting impact since they’re still so rare.



While not considered traditional video, gifs are another way to portray messages in the same way as a video but are commonly much more cost-effective, and are generally very well supported. Gifs have the added benefit of small file sizes, making them ideal for website headers, education, and tutorials on websites and landing pages. Email also sees a bump in success when strategic gifs are employed. Audio is a limitation of gifs, so they work best for tutorials, demos, visual reinforcement and for added emphasis. Consider livening your web presence with gifs, similar to the examples below, which are relatively easy to create and integrate:

Runners GIF


Mailchimp GIF


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