How to Know Your Marketing Agency is the Right Fit


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You’ve recently hired a marketing agency. After getting some work done together, it’s now time to assess how well the marketing agency fits in with your marketing needs, and whether or not you would like to reuse their services in the future.


Or, in another scenario, you are looking to hire marketing agency.


A lot of the agencies you’ve been interested in seem great, and probably have the ability to accomplish all of your marketing goals. However, it’s not only about numbers. Is this marketing agency the right fit? Here are the five facets every marketing agency should have if it is the right fit:

1. Values That Match Yours

Any marketing agency that you work with should have values that match your own company’s values. Whether that’s integrity, loyalty, or anything else, you will want to make sure that you and your agency are on the same page. Since you are working together, you need to feel that the marketing agency is truly trying to help your company improve, rather than following its own agenda.

2. Good Strategy

When you hire a marketing agency, you should first ask them about the strategy they plan to use for your company. Then, ask them about their process and how they work. You’ll want to make sure that their process fits within your own too. If you believe that the agency’s process and strategies will get you the results that you’re hoping for, then your marketing agency is probably a good fit.

3. Creativity

The agency you decide to hire must be creative. A lack of creativity will not get you the results that you will want. You want your agency to give you innovative marketing content and make your brand stand out among the rest. That should be your agency partner’s primary purpose.

4. Get Results

Once you’ve hired a marketing agency and started working with them a bit, ask yourself if the agency is getting you the results that you were expecting to see. Define what your idea of success is for you. Is this company giving you the best of the best that your company deserves?

If you are looking to hire a company, ask them about previous work and clients. According to their portfolio, you can see how they’ve worked and succeeded in the past, in order to evaluate how well you think they will perform for you.

5. Great People and Company Culture

We like to think of our clients as partners, and you should too, you should also enjoy the company that you are working with. When meeting with marketing agency executives, think about if you can see this company fitting in with yours. Are you pleased with the people you’ve met with? Do you believe in their capabilities?


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