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It will come as no surprise that a branding and advertising agency keeps a constant eye on the ads and activations created around the country (and the world) by other agencies. We’re always absorbing and learning from other creative minds! 

To spread the inspiration, we thought we’d share just a few of the things that have caught our attention or sparked the most watercooler talk (ok let’s be real, Slack messages) across the agency in the last six months.

To try and keep things fresh, we’ve chosen things that you may not have seen shared before. Scroll on and see the What, Why, and Who behind some of our latest favorites.


FIAT — Operation No Grey

Simple Really is Super

What (is it)
As of June 2023, FIAT will no longer produce grey cars — it’s the most common car color in the world and, in the words of CEO Olivier Francois, “the world doesn’t need another grey car.”  To share the news, the minds at Leo Burnett Turin decided that not only were they not going to make any new grey cars, they were also going to take an existing grey FIAT and color it. By dipping it in paint. With the brand’s CEO in the driver’s seat.

Why (we love it)

Anyone in advertising will tell you that the key to a successful ad is simplicity — saying just one thing and saying it well. There’s no way you could ever see this ad and misinterpret the message. The commercial doesn’t mention a word about horsepower, price point, or safety features. Instead, it screams one word: COLOR. And by doing so, it makes us fall in love with a small Italian car rarely even seen on American roads.

Who (made it)

Leo Burnett Turin


Liquid Death — Enema of the State

Keep Us Guessing (and clenching)

What (is it)

For years Liquid Death has been trying to outdo themselves by coming up with some of the wildest, most shocking ads ever created for… water. From partnerships with Marc Rebillet and Amazon’s The Boys, to satirical spokespeople, to self-deprecation, the canned water brand is finding no end to the ways they can grab attention and ruffle feathers. The latest spot features Blink 182’s Travis Barker speaking candidly (and in the buff) about how he uses Liquid Death’s product. Spoiler alert, he ain’t drinking it.

Why (we love it)

This brand has found its voice but has yet to find a limit to the ways in which they wield it. Always outrageous and never the same, the spots from this brand are Grade-A examples of how branding can make even the most basic parity product shine.

Who (made it)

Liquid Death’s In-House Creative Team


Hilton — 10 Minute Stay

Breaking All the Rules

What (is it)

A 10-minute (yes, minutes) TikTok ad may seem like the worst idea ever, and honestly, we still think it is, but somehow this one is good enough to have received millions of views. The video is full of celebs, TikTok influencers, and Hilton staff showcasing everything the hotel chain has to offer. But more than that, the video is a veritable showcase of a brand showing you that they understand every single ‘best practice,’ trend, and rule of a platform. Before breaking them. Every. Single. One.

Why (we love it)

Self-awareness and creativity often go hand in hand but rarely is it so simultaneously successful from both an entertainment and business point of view. As the video states, audiences like to think that they hate ads, but really what we hate is corporations pretending to not be advertising. So, when they lean into it, do it correctly, and give away free stuff… What’s not to love?

Who (made it)

TBWA\Chiat\Day NY


Dole — Nutritional Ink

The Medium is the Message

What (is it)

To combat the rise of malnutrition (and, of course, sell more fruit), Dole’s latest campaign highlights the lack of nutrition in common junk foods in a way we’ve never seen before. Together with agency partners, Dole posted enormous posters next to vending machines stocked with unhealthy facts. The message on each poster was clear, the ink on the poster had more nutritional value than the snacks consumers were thinking of purchasing. Using a new process, fruit waste was converted to ink, creating an eco-friendly, eye-catching, and maybe(?) delicious new medium.

Why (we love it)

This feels like raw creativity to us. To not just have the idea to print posters in fruit ink but also to follow through on the research and testing required, not to mention only using fruit waste, shows a dedication to creativity and new thinking that we can’t help but celebrate.

Who (made it)

St Luke’s (agency) and Bompas & Parr (design & production)


Samsung — Join the Flip Side

Beat the Rival Without Mentioning Their Name

What (is it)

Advertising their new foldable smartphone, Samsung’s latest video shows something many of us have experienced — once you notice certain things, you see them everywhere. The video beautifully brings that feeling to life before eventually showing how it infects the next unsuspecting victim. 

Why (we love it)

We all know who Samsung is up against. But rather than the trite and expected ‘Android vs. iPhone’ comparison of the speed of their chips, the megapixels of their cameras, bezel sizes, or other buzzwords that don’t actually mean anything to the average person, they’ve honed in on what makes them unique. Instead of playing on your brain, they play on your heart. Do you really want a phone that can’t even fold? 

Who (made it)

Wieden + Kennedy


John Lewis — The Beginner

What (is it)

Every year, the British department store John Lewis releases a new ad around the winter holidays. They’re almost always high-budget, well-produced, tug-at-your-heartstrings affairs. This past year’s spot was no different in that regard. The setup has you guessing it’ll be a message about sticking with your dreams or not caring what others think. Until the curtain is pulled back in a very unexpected way. We won’t say more than that, but it certainly is beautiful.

Why (we love it)

Yes, it’s a department store. And yes, they’re promoting themselves in a similar way to past years. But the inclusion of a charity partner and the surprising and tear-jerking way that partner is included sets this apart from most ‘good will’ advertising we’ve seen.

Who (made it)


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