Pinterest for your Business?


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With all the new social media outlets out there, it’s hard to know where you should devote your business’s time and energy. Although this varies greatly depending on your business model and marketing tactics, there’s a new one to consider: Pinterest.

Brands all over the world, such as Kate Spade, Whole Foods and Home Depot are using Pinterest to promote their brand.

Although Pinterest has been around for a few years, businesses are beginning to realize its potential. Pinterest allows you to showcase your brand and the lifestyle behind your brand using original, compelling imagery. The more engaging and interesting your pins are, the more traffic you will attract to your site. According to, there is more referral traffic generated by Pinterest than Twitter, although Facebook blows both of those out of the water.

The keys to successful pinning is much like other social media outlets; consistency and originality. You not only need to provide your own content but you also need to follow others, comment, like and repin frequently.

Getting started is easy. There is actually a Pinterest page that is all about Pinterest for business. You can also download a free 40-page book about how to use Pinterest for business here.

Also – we have lots of experience with social media marketing so give us a call if you’d like to chat about what you can do with your business.

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