The Skinny on Innovation in Denver and Spying on Your Competition

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I recently attended the Start-Up Week conference in Denver. It was a really inspiring week that got me excited about all the start-ups that are happening in Colorado. I didn’t have a clue that so much innovation was going on right here in our backyard. In fact, Denver’s small businesses are growing at an unprecedented pace and helping drive Colorado’s economic engine.

It’s hard to stay abreast of all the exciting growth that’s happening, so there’s a new weekly newsletter in town that highlights local innovation and entrepreneurship – Confluence Denver.

“Confluence Denver is about the people, ideas and innovators creating a world-class city desirable to the creative class. With a specific focus on entrepreneurship, startups, place building and arts and culture, we strive to highlight Denver’s game changers.”

I delete most weekly newsletters the second they arrive in my inbox, but I truly get excited to read this one. You should sign up!!

Here’s a little taste of the kind of stuff you’ll be reading about:

The latest Confluence issue highlights a new smartphone app, Perch, developed by Denver-based Closely. This app could come in quite handy for small businesses that want to keep tabs on their competitors. It will let businesses quickly scan through what their competitors are doing on social networks without having to “like” or “follow” them online. Pretty sweet.

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