Why Invest in Rich Media Ads?


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With ad placement becoming more common throughout websites, apps and social media, companies are looking for new ways to grab their customers’ attention. Enter: video and rich media advertising. Adform’s recently released Digital Advertising Benchmark Report show video and rich media ads outperforming banner ads in every metric, including click through rates, engagement time and engagement rate.

Digital ads are evolving with more robust and varied platforms, too. The International Advertising Agency is working to break the traditional leaderboard and skyscraper formats, offering interactive choices that explore new digital advertising landscapes. With these options, advertisers get more real estate and consumers are able to better control their digital experience.

Making it even easier for advertisers, Google (as usual) has started offering programmatic ads (essentially, ads bought digitally rather than through humans) for video and rich media, making the process cheaper and compatible across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. The ability to produce targeted ads at an affordable rate and with less time investment will quickly bring more players to the digital advertising sphere, making this platform more competitive. If Adform’s metrics are any indication, rich media ads will be key in getting ahead of that competition.

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