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Used by over 28% of websites on the internet, WordPress remains the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. It’s free. It’s open source. It’s flexible and incredibly customizable. AOR uses WordPress almost exclusively for all of our web projects – and for good reason.

WordPress Customization

We understand there are often several cooks in the kitchen, and companies may have quite a few employees contributing to their websites. Because of this, we build our own custom themes to give users the tools they need to be able to edit and layout web pages without the bloat. We call it our “Page Builder.” Each module is styled out using specific code to keep the look and feel of the site consistent yet flexible.

Using our Page Builder within the WordPress interface, we’ve made it extremely easy to update and edit nearly anything on a site. Not to mention, we arm clients with a complete training session and constant support so they are confident to use the site themselves.

Wordpress Page Builder

Page Builder Example

Web Page Security

WordPress is an extremely popular choice for web development, so it’s no surprise it can be a target for hackers. AOR takes all steps necessary to ensure our websites are secure including but not limited to: strong passwords & user permissions, monthly plugins, updates, auditing, SSL certificates, and nightly backups.

The single biggest factor in protecting a site is the server. We recommend using WP Engine to all our clients. WP Engine is a WordPress managed hosting provider specializing in WordPress websites with a focus on enterprise-grade security.

They make sure all websites on their platform are SSL ready and using multiple firewalls. WP Engine consistently monitors for threats and takes proactive steps to protect websites such as blacklisting unreliable or vulnerable plugins.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The WordPress structure was built to easily be crawled by search engines. By leveraging Yoast, a common SEO plugin, as well as some SEO features within the AOR theme, we can easily handle all SEO functions such as indexation, tag manager codes, and on-page optimizations.

On top of this, using a managed service such as WP Engine increases site speed to improve the user experience and search rankings.

WordPress Scalability

To stay relevant to both users and search engines, websites need to be consistently updated. The Internet is constantly growing and changing, making WordPress the perfect CMS for website scalability. By using the AOR theme and a few select plugins, our development team sets the foundation for a scalable website that allows the user to layer on functionality over time.

Check out some of AOR’s most recent WordPress sites on our case study page.

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