Optimize search ads to promote Arvada Center events, classes, and galleries while following Google Ad grant policies.

Arvada Center

Google Ad Grant


Finding Ways to Follow Google
Ad Grant Guidelines

Google Ad grants are awarded to nonprofits to help promote their mission and services to relevant people. The grants are a great way for nonprofits to get a free marketing boost from Google, but there are several stipulations to follow in order to use the grant. Arvada Center needed assistance complying with Google’s strict guidelines but also optimizing the grant money to be more effective.


Digging Deep into
the Data

AOR started by auditing the current Arvada Center Google Ads and presenting our findings to their communications team.

We then scoured the existing Arvada Center Google Ads account to uncover opportunities to improve performance including keywords, bidding, conversions, ad copy, ad extensions, targeting, and ad group structure.


Revamping, Simplifying, and
Reinforcing for Renewed Success


After auditing over two year’s worth of Google Ads data and talking through findings with Arvada Center, AOR specialists went to work restructuring the ad account by:

Updating Campaign Settings

  • Adding several overlapping geo-targets and applying adjusted bids per geo-target based upon conversion results.
  • Adding Day & Time scheduling to apply adjusted bids based upon conversion results.
  • Setting daily ad budgets that accurately align with performance.


Removing Redundancy & Streamlining Campaigns

  • Structuring the campaigns to mirror the website’s top navigation.
  • Focusing ad groups on subsets of those high level offerings such as specific performances and events.


Narrowing Down Keywords

  • Using less, and more precise, keywords to capture the highest quality searches and increase quality scores.
  • Using broader negative keywords to proactively exclude searches for tickets in other unrelated cities.

Enhancing Ads & Extensions

  • Removing redundant extensions and adding more extension options. Pro Tip: It’s best to give Google several sitelink and callout options.
  • Creating several search ad types including expanded text, dynamic, and responsive ads.


Numbers that Deserve
a Standing Ovation

Project Goals:

  • Click through rate (CTR) above 5%
  • Cost per click (CPC) under $5
  • Increase ad quality
  • Use more of the $10k monthly grant

To keep track of our progress, we created a data studio dashboard to link Google Ads data and ecommerce info to track results in real-time. Both AOR and Arvada Center teams had access to view the dashboard at any time so our teams could regularly communicate necessary changes.

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