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Website Design


The City of Westminster has gone through major growth in recent years and their Economic Development focused website needed to keep up. With new developments happening throughout the city, including a transit-oriented development and new downtown space, the city needed a website to attract both tenants and visitors. With the help of visionary internal leadership and numerous stakeholders, AOR was given the challenge of creating a website that met the needs of varying audiences.

THE Approach

AOR recommended a progressive phased approach to the website redesign and development. At every step in the process AOR collaborated with the City of Westminster, Economic Development team, and the many key stakeholders to balance the needs of each group and ensure strategic goals were being met. The first challenge to tackle was content mapping. AOR worked to restructure the site and content map to provide many different audiences what they need and consolidates pages for a sound and strategic site taxonomy.



Our team started by performing and analyzing initial research followed by a comprehensive discovery session with key stakeholders. The discovery session allowed the AOR team to get up to speed on past pain points of the website, goals of the new site, target audience demographic and psychographic information, SEO and Google Analytics baseline metrics, as well as other elements which would inform all decisions moving forward in the process.

After the discovery session was complete, AOR worked on updating the sitemap and page structure to ensure intuitive information architecture and user flow. We then began developing wireframes to outline the hierarchy of key pages and to work through functionality throughout the website.

Our website design process started with “style tiles”–a visual representation of the various design elements that would be used throughout the site. Leveraging the recently updated City of Westminster brand, three different style tiles were presented. Once approved, we used the style tile, sitemap, and wireframes as our guide, applying the selected design direction to each page throughout the site.

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